Pinnacle Memory Programs is a whole life approach program designed by leading neurologist, Dr. Joseph Sobelman, to help senior housing communities maintain and even grow their residents’ memory skills.

5 Key Areas:

  • Nutrition:
    Proper nutrition can improve brain cells’ ability to communicate with each other which in turn keeps the brain sharp.
  • Proper Sleep:
    Having proper sleep can increase acuity and promote more effective physical and mental activities as well as socialization.
  • Socialization:
    Maintaining an active social life can delay memory loss. Social isolation is a critical risk factor for cognitive decline.
  • Physical Activity:
    Physical activity and mental fitness go hand in hand. Physical activity can lower the risk for illnesses that can contribute to memory loss.
  • Mental Stimulations:
    Increased participation in activities that stimulate the brain can delay and even reverse the onset of memory decline.